"Self-Taught Online Marketing Millionaire Exposes All His Top Tactics, Techniques and Strategies
with Nothing Left Out"

12 Issues in All: Each about 40 pages with Videos and Audios

Dear Online Marketer,

It's true.

You can finally to take a giant leap forward with your Online Marketing business and make the money that you have always dreamed of making.

Imagine for a moment...

1. No more guessing

2. No more blind faith, and...

3. No more keeping your fingers crossed and hoping you make money.

Sound good?  Of course it does!

If you're skeptical...hey, I totally get it. Because you've been mislead and - I hate to say it - outright lied to in many cases.

The Internet Driven Life Issue #1

So let me be 100% straight with you.

  1. This isn't for anyone who dreams of being successful online but never takes action.
  2. This isn't for the 'tirekickers' who are looking for magic 'push button riches'
  3. This isn't for people with unrealistic expectations of making tons of money overnight starting right away. (notice that I said 'right away'... )

But... if you are someone that can listen to audios or read the transcripts of the audios, and then take some simple steps to put the things you've learned into action...then this is for you!

You want to make money? The recipe is simple. Take something that is already working for someone else and do it yourself.  Just makes sense, right?!?!

Now I know you're ready to learn more, but think about this first...

You probably have a list of things you want to get done when the money comes in, right? I mean back in the day I had a list of have-to-do goals. And when the money finally started rolling in, I got it all done.

Maybe your goals are similar to what mine were...

  • Get your debt paid off.
  • Secure your retirement fund.
  • Quit your job.
  • Pay for your kids’ college
  • Take vacations. Real vacations. To nice places. No skimping. And no “staycations!”
  • Do what you want...When you want to!
  • Give things to family and friends they have been wanting!
  • PLUS...whatever else you can think of!

Would accomplishing any of those things help you out? Would they make you feel good? Right this second - can you envision and feel what it would be like to have all of those things accomplished?!?!

You CAN achieve all of those and much, much more. Where most people get sidetracked is by looking for the 'Next-Big-Thing'.

So... let me let you in on a little secret. There is no 'Next-Big-Thing'.

Stop. Looking.



There is no magic button you can push and make money.

There is no software that is going to spit $100 bills out of an ATM for you.

And there is no Super Secret Method that will make you thousands of dollars overnight.

What there is, are the things you can do - IF - you are truly serious about starting or expanding your online business.

So Take a Look At What You Are Going to Discover

The Internet Driven Life Issue #2

* Sales funnels - Discover how to do this the right way and exponentially increase your earnings!

* Pricing your products - Learn why you might be leaving a LOT of money 'on the table'!

* List building and nurturing it - Find out how many times you should mail your list and at what times for maximum profits!

* How to “sell” – Discover why you might be doing this all wrong!

* Successful Joint Ventures - Learn how to do this right... and it can literally add tens of thousands of dollars to YOUR bottom line!

* Product Positioning - Find out how making simple tweaks in a products positioning can help you sell tons more!

* Building Relationships for More Profits - Discover how this added millions of dollars to his bank account all by itself!

* In short...all the things that this marketer used to sell over $5,000,000 worth of products online!

* And tons and tons and tons more!!!

And you'll learn all of this in a manner that is totally newbie friendly!

Failure Is in The Past

Here's the simple truth...

Everyone has failed - me included.

Some people have failed a lot. Take a look at this list of so-called “Failures” ... Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Edison, Winston Churchill, Albert Einstein, Michael Jordan — all of them failed.

Can you imagine what the world would be like if these people had given up after their failures?  There are plenty of people with similar talents and intelligence, but these people knew that quitting wasn’t an option. Not for them.

Like Those "Famous Failures"... Quitting is
Not an Option For You

So here's what you do.

Learn from any failures and leave them in the past. Move forward. Because you’ve got all the foundation you need to succeed right here. The actual content you are getting with these audios (with transcripts) is insanely valuable.

Take a Quick Look at What You'll Get Today and How You Can Start Profiting by Applying the Knowledge

Here's some of what you get...

  1. MP3 audios by a online marketer that has sold over $5,000,000 worth of products online.
  2. Includes written transcripts to each audio product — no need to take notes! Just sit back and listen!
  3. Every audio covers the secrets of internet marketing! Learn, Master and Profit!

The profit potential for you is almost limitless.

Is your head spinning? Mine is. Wouldn’t it be great to finally lay your head on the pillow at night and know that you won’t have nightmares about getting laid off? You won’t have nightmares about paying your bills? You won’t have nightmares about not being able to send your kids to college? A peaceful night of sleep. No more nightmares.

But the first step is to stop trying to do it yourself. It’s not time to be a pioneer. It’s time to learn what works, take action with it – and start making money that way.

Now everything I listed above is incredibly valuable by itself... but I am going to 'sweeten the pot' because getting this information into your hands is my #1 goal so you can get started making the money you want and deserve.

There are 12 Issues in All

The Internet Driven Life Issue #3

And if all that still isn't enough for you...

Here's My 100% Rock Solid Guarantee

Still wondering if this is for you? Still wondering if this is the time to take that leap of faith. Well, let me tell you - it’s not really a leap of faith...

Because you have my 100% Ironclad 30-day no hassle, money back guarantee. If for some reason – for ANY reason - you aren’t satisfied with 'The Internet Driven Life' Internet Marketing Newsletter which includes “Brainstorming Counts” audio interviews with an Online Marketing guru telling you what's working for you right now, then just email me, Jupiter Jim, and I'll personally refund your money ASAP.  And you can cancel at any time (if you choose the monthly option).

So here are your two choices:

1. You can do nothing. You can bookmark this page for “Read Later. Do Later. Maybe Some Day. Maybe One Day. Maybe never. Maybe. Maybe.” But putting things off and doing them “later” won’t help you NOW.


2. You can take action today and be one step closer to real online marketing success. Be one step closer to quitting that job and being your own boss. Make your own money. Make yourself rich, not help some other guy get rich at your expense. But you have to do it now. Cause you have to take massive action to see massive results!

Are You Finally Ready to Stop This Cycle of
Living Paycheck-to-Paycheck?

... or finally ready to buy a new car when you need one? And pay cash for it? That would be awesome, right? You’re just a few clicks away from making taking a major step in that direction...

Look, for less than the price of a pizza, you’re getting ALL of your online marketing questions answered, and... you’re getting “Brainstorming Counts” as an added bonus at the end of each newsletter.

There isn’t anything else like this out there. These audios alone are priceless. Few others have the kind of marketing experience and knowledge that I have. And no one has put it all together into a format that allows you to 'listen and profit'. You’re getting all this for a steal. But you have to act now!

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Never Pay Full Price Again!

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To Your Online Marketing Success!

Jupiter Jim

P.S. If you’re still reading, you’re still here and you’re wondering how things will look this time next year. Well, they’ll be exactly the same (or worse) if you do nothing. So you should take action right now.

P.P.S. Do one thing for me here. Take a picture of your last paycheck stub or W-2 form. Save it or take a photo of it on your smartphone. And 12 months from now, go back and look at that picture. Will you feel joy, relief and elation? Or will you feel despair and regret! Your Choice! Make the Change. Act Now!