Entrepreneurs – Three Quick Tips to a Happier Life

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After meeting with a brand new client this morning at the delightful used bookstore and coffee shop near my home, I got this little book – 100 Ways to Happiness – A Guide for Busy People by Dr. Timothy J. Sharp.

I’m always looking for ways to maximize my happiness so I figured I’d give it a read. While flicking through the pages, some things caught my eye more than others…

#90 – Plan mini-breaks

Yes! I love to travel, and it brings me a lot of joy. I can travel in long stretches, but I’ll come back home when I miss my own bed too much.

#43 – Spend time with positive people

That’s a must! Gotta stay away from the energy vampires…

#10 – Forgive others

Maaaaaan, that’s hard. Or, I guess I should say it used to be. It’s easier now that I understand forgiveness is a purely selfish act as it’s to release and free you, not the other person.

And now I’ll add one, so I’ve got 101 (like the dalmations!)

• Do what you love and find a way to get paid to do it!!!

When I started my Internet marketing company over 20 years ago, I did so because I realized I was good at web design and that people would pay for a rare commodity – a website. Then I had to learn how to prospect, create proposals, Search Engine Optimization, photography… and the list goes on. But I love it!

And I can’t imagine not getting paid to do something I love.

What do you love so much that you can do it for hours, but it seems like barely any time has passed?

BTW, if you have a passion and are looking for a way to bring it into your life in a way that pays you – so it’s no longer a hobby – then I’ve got some pretty neat info to share with you!