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Dear Online Marketer,

If you're reading this right now then you've probably figures this out already...

The fact that if you want to go from 4 figures to 5 figures a month, from 6 figures to 7 figures a year and beyond...

You need to absolutely SCALE your business.

But How Exactly?


Let's Say You Want To Make... $200,000 a Year.

How many products do you think you need to sell to get there?

If you're like most average marketers out there, you probably have a low ticket product.

If your product is $20, you need to sell at least 10,000 copies to get there!

Yes, TEN THOUSAND copies.

Let that sink in for a moment.

That's not taking into account expenses like transaction fees, affiliate payouts and what have you.

So if you want to generate a million dollars in annual profits, that means you have put in at least 5 times as much effort selling the same product!

Wow. Don't you feel tired just thinking about that?

And Then, There Are Some People Who Play It Smart... The Top 10%.

If you want to create results most people don't have, it makes sense to observe what the top 10% of the successful marketers are doing to generate MONSTER income and in EPIC proportions.

While they may come from various niches, fields, industries... Notice what they have in common? They more often than not sell more than just one product to sell.

Because the thing is, selling just one product won't get you far and it's very difficult to get rich off just one offer. Quite simply...

The more offers you have out there = The higher your chance of making more money

These guys know it and they play it smart.

They know that it is EASIER to sell to the same customer than to keep finding new prospects and convincing them to be their customer.

I'm not suggesting that finding new customers isn't important; but in the long run you will find that selling more products to existing customers who already know like and trust you is the path of least resistance and most rewarding.


Take A Look At What These Top Vendors On Marketplaces Like JVZoo And ClickBank Are Doing (Yep, They All Have Killer Sales Funnels!)

And here's the thing: you DON'T necessarily need to sell hard.

You need to sell SMART.

So if you're sick and tired of running the on the treadmill for mediocre results, then...

... Brace yourself for a massive breakthrough!


Introducing Sales Funnel Blueprint 2.0

Step-by-Step Video Tutorials

As used by digital marketing top guns acros  different industries, everything you need to know about how to design high converting funnels is distilled into this blueprint. You will witness EPIC results as you DOUBLE or even TRIPLE your profits - all with little extra effort, no extra customers, and no extra traffic!


You Will Learn Things Like:

How to Create Your Sales Funnel in a specific design that will deliver results on EPIC proportions!

By epic proportions meaning High Conversions, High EPC's (earnings per click). And if by chance, you identify yourself as a newbie, that's perfectly fine. In fact, that's the most ideal situation as you can get started on a clean slate doing it correctly right from the start...

... And I will show you how to create an online business that is destined for high profits and high scalability!

How to Create an Irresistible Front-End Offer

The ingredients of creating absolute no-brainer deals your customers cannot refuse. This is just as crucial as any other part in the sales funnel and if you have problems selling even your initial product, the missing puzzle is here.

I will show you how to product value-enhancing, problem-solving offers that will make people whip out their credit cards and buy from you NOW, not later.

How to Create a String of High Converting Upsells

The secret to supercharging your sales funnel is in this jam-packed Module alone. Here's how to take advantage of your buyer's buying trance and get them to buy even more from you during this narrow window of opportunity.

How to Close An Extra 10% to 20% More Sales...

... And all with little or  no extra effort or product creation I must add.

This little hack has helped many marketers grow their sales by an extra 10% to 20% margin, which otherwise would have been money left on the table.

How to Create Big Ticket Backend Offers

This is the strategy of all the gurus and heavy hitters. I will show you how to seek out high potential high ticket clients from your buyers list even after all the buying frenzy is over... and charge anywhere from $300 to $3,000 a pop (did you know you can still go HIGHER?)

Which is awesome, because selling a $3,000 package beats selling 300 copies of $10 products!

If high converting Upsells help you grow a 6 figure yearly business, THIS will put you in the 7 figure range when you execute it right.

How to Create A Loyal Following Of Buyers...

Who will buy and shop at your command. For most people, the sale ends when customers pay them. Not for gurus and industry leaders. These top guys know that if you want to create repeatable income streams, you need to build a LOYAL following.

And if you want to get into the major leagues, discover how to build loyalty and have your first time customers remain loyal to you for a long time to come.

And Ultimately... The Intricate Details On How to Set Up Your Sales Funnel!

You will be guided on how to set up a sales funnel on JVZoo! While you can use just about any digital marketplace, I recommend JVZoo as a starting point for most marketers due to its ease of use, convenience of access - and when everything is all set, get ready for the big paydays!

PLUS You also get the 138-page eBook as a Bonus!

It's Go BIG or Go Home.

The answers are now staring back at you, and it's now your choice to take this up and be ready to embrace incredible, life changing results!

There are home study courses and seminars out there that charge anywhere from $1,000 to $2,000 for information like this.

And it pays for itself, when you smash your blockbuster sales funnel out of the park for 5, 6... even 7 figures!

But that would come at big expense many cannot afford.

The good news is: this blueprint won't cost you an arm and a leg.

So I am going to cut to the chase... today you can learn how to create your own high converting, high profit sales funnel for just


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Thank you so much for taking the time to take a look at this amazing offer that has the potential to help you profit with Sales Funnel Blueprint 2.0 !

Iíll see you on the inside! 

To Your Online Business Success!

Jupiter Jim
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