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In-depth Aweber Course and Superb Customer Service

“Wow!” best describes Jupiter Jim’s amazing in-depth Aweber Crash Course training. Jupiter Jim goes into such detail in every video explaining how to create an email list and opt-in form, email templates and broadcast messages, just to name a few of the sixteen videos in this training. If you’re wanting to learn in-depth training on Aweber then seize the opportunity to get access to the Aweber Crash Course. You can’t go wrong with this quality training.
Oh, I forgot to mention Jupiter Jim’s customer service is top notch. Let me explain. After starting my Awber training course, I was so impressed with the quality I decided to upgrade to Jupiter Jim’s Marketing Club to have access to all his training. But I was having issues logging into the members area, so I sent in a support ticket. I received an immediate response to the ticket. Jupiter Jim actually got on the phone with me and we went through all the details to resolve the issue. Not only that, he also spent time with me asking me about my internet marketing journey and he gave me so much valuable information and words of wisdom during our conversation. I’m still working on creating my website and his words really encouraged me to keep going. I very much appreciated the time he spent with me. You just don’t find that type of customer service much anymore in any industry.

Darryl Henderson
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An Amazing and Affordable Resource

Jupiter Jim’s Marketing Club membership gives access to so many resources that I’ve barely scratched the surface… and I’ve been a member for several years. I love Jim’s easy-to-follow teaching style. it’s perfect for newbies as well as the rest of us. I would definitely recommend this affordable membership to any of my friends who want to learn online marketing. It’s worth every penny, and then some!

Arline Oliphint
Phoenix, Arizona
Stellar Site Solutions

Thank you, Jupiter Jim

Thank you, Jupiter Jim, for the great course I bought from you recently.

Your “The AWeber Crash Course” was very helpful and timely for me as a newbie in Internet  Marketing.
It was professional, step-by-step training that helped me to understand the whole process of setting up an autoresponder for my small online business.
The main difference between this course and other courses Iʻve bought previously was very clear, understandable English. It is very important to me as English is not my mother tongue. I think it is important to many people in the Internet Marketing world.
Jupiter Jim is a great teacher and I would highly recommend his pieces of training / courses to everyone who is willing to learn important, basic things in Internet Marketing.

Tatyana Knobel

I’m Beyond Impressed!

The AWeber course was the first purchase I have made from Jupiter Jim and I am beyond impressed. This course came at the perfect time because I am just beginning to work with AWeber (great program by the way!). The course was extremely easy to follow and had everything in it that I need to fully use AWeber. I was actually quite amazed with the quality and level of detail in the course because the price is crazy low. Jim could EASILY sell this for far more money! Because of the experience I have had with the AWeber course and with interacting with Jupiter Jim, I am purchasing additional courses and following him, so I don’t miss out on any new releases. I highly recommend the AWeber course to anyone who wants to see how to use the program and to fully understand what it can do! Furthermore, I highly recommend Jupiter Jim as a person and professional. We had an amazing philosophical conversation about business, education, and more. This guy clearly loves to teach and is great at it.

Diana Lynn Keeler
National City, California
Diana Keeler Marketing

Internet Marketing Pro

Jupiter Jim is one of the best Internet Marketers that I have found.

I would highly recommend Jupiter Jim’s AWeber Crash Course.

Thanks A Lot Jim.

Mathiew Burkett
Mathiew Burkett

Very Useful Information!

Thanks for all the great information in Jupiter Jim’s Marketing Club. It’s very useful.

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Aweber Crash Course Opened a great hopeful door for me!

I’m leaving this comment because Jupiter Jim has done something very few online business builders have done.
He’s been super supportive and patient.
He’s continues to be very responsive and takes time to try to help until I understand any questions I’ve asked.
And perhaps one of the most important things, he’s been very encouraging and honest in helping me continue my journey in building an online business of my own.

Victor Aramanda

The AWeber Crash Course

The AWeber Crash Course is a Great course and I’m loving it.

You did a marvelous job and it is something I’ve been looking forward to for some time.

This is indeed thumbs up and may you continue to do the good job you’re doing, especially in Jupiter Jim’s Marketing Club.


Silas Mabaso

Silas Mabaso
Johannesburg, South Africa
In the process of registering my company name

Short Testimonial Of Aweber Crash Course

2020 was definitely a bad year for most of us. A lot of negative and little positive.
The one thing that flashes by my mind Is Jupiter Jim’s AWeber Crash Course.
The course was organized and Jupiter Jim made the course very clear to understand.
The best part? Nothing was left out. That’s saying a lot considering some of the courses online today…
Would I take another course from Jupiter Jim? YES,  in a New York Second!  The overall course was great, the price was totally awesome. Thank you, Jupiter Jim.

Gary McLeod
Augusta, GA
Ideal Marketing

Happy Customer Testimonial

I am a satisfied buyer of Jupiter Jim’s The AWeber Crash Course

Having gone through the course once already, I know the course is worth the price I paid for it. I will go through the course in greater detail nearer the time of implementation.

Jupiter Jim is not only a good teacher, but he runs the membership site (where the course is housed) well. Jupiter Jim has been drip-feeding bonuses and also keeps us up to date.

I haven’t had to contact Jupiter Jim for customer service but judging from his after sales communication I am confident that his Customer Support is good.

Would I buy another product from Jupiter Jim ? If it is relevant to my needs, I would have no hesitation in buying another product from him or recommending his products to my friends and fellow entrepreneurs.

Vipul Raithatha
London, UK

Make It Easy On Yourself

I know this is the most important thing I have to do for my websites. Yes, I have a lot of them but no lists. I got AWeber, but it’s hard to find your way round it to do the things you need to. Jupiter Jim’s course not only SHOWS you what to do in the videos, he also provides the transcript, so you can find what you need quickly, in case there’s something you forgot or want to practice again. AWeber is not easy to find your way round, especially if you are not doing it very often. Having a tutor to show you what to do it, with videos you can watch at any time and as many times as you want is awesome and very helpful.

Meg Learner
Coloring Diary

If You’re Sick And Tired Of Struggling!

It’s more than my complete pleasure to highly recommend
Jupiter Jim’s outstanding AWeber Crash Course! (For many reasons
I simply don’t have room to elaborate on!)

Because no matter what your current skill level is in using
AWeber’s outstanding email automation software…

After going through and studying and completing
his outstanding course material (At your own pace, of course!),

You will finally be able to not only systematically connect
the dots, but both your understanding and confidence levels will
officially soar!

And you’ll no longer be intimidated by AWeber’s awesome email
automation software. (Like I was initially!) And, if by chance, you still need to ask AWeber’s outstanding customer care reps any questions about using their platform, you will instantly be able to effectively communicate your question(s) to them in a comprehensible way!

Thanks Jupiter Jim! You totally hit it out of the park!

Mark Newsome
New York