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Hi everyone I am Jupiter Jim the founder and CEO of Jupiter Jim’s marketing club before we get started I just want to show you some of the assets that I have at Jupiter Jim’s marketing club that you may be interested in if you want to become a member it only costs $10 per month there are no long term contracts you can cancel at any time for any reason or no reason at all if you don’t like the monthly debits monthly payments you can just pay one time per year and you’ll save some money how much will you save let’s go down here you’ll save 21 dollars if you pay a year in advance 2 years in advance save 93 or just pay you $10 a month that’s fine here are all the courses and there’s another one that’s in here already that I haven’t put in the front which is WordPress part 2 we’ve got stock images we’ve got this course down here create and brand with canva that is this one so this course in addition to what I’m sharing with you right now in the next 30 minutes this course is in Jupiter Jim’s marketing club great course and it covers things that I don’t cover in the webinar today and it just review some of the things quickly that I do cover so I’m gonna close that stock photography you’re gonna need that for your face book cover that is what we’re going to talk about today creating face book covers or face book banners that full width image at the top with some text in at the top of your Facebook personal or business page if you join Jupiter Jim’s marketing club you get access to 15,000 images which is totally insane and this is just a sample this is just a small sample okay I’m gonna close that that’s that okay so let’s just take a look at what you can produce you can do so much better than this I got this image I paid I think $40 for this image from one of the stock photography websites iStockphoto or whatever something like that and we’re gonna do something even you know you can do something better than this today if you would like I’m going to show you the how to do the basics so this is for Jupiter gyms marketing club okay and that’s why my pictures over here the personal page the pictures right there we’re going to go over the dimensions which is well we’ll see that in a minute let’s give you a little quick overview these are some of the things that we are going to create today I wouldn’t that be cool you can do that in minutes with ease you don’t have to pay for designer you don’t have to wait for a designer and there’s another one just modifying what we had we are going to go to happy fourth of July this is the template that I’ve started with the free template from canva and I just modified it this is okay this is a little better and this is best okay that’s basically it let me close that minimize that let’s go to pan ver right now okay I’m already logged in I’m using the free version there is the free and the paid version that they will they will try their best to get you to try the paid version free for 30 days and after that you have to pay 1298 a month something like that or you can pay 995 a month it comes out to if you paid the whole year in advance but what I’m trying to clarify here is that you don’t need to try the paid version for free you can try the free version for free so that’s what I’ve been using you know on and off for whatever it is couple years several years it’s just the free version I’ve never tried the paid version I don’t have to pay anything after 30 days just use the free okay so you can just go in here you can click here and search for facebook posts right and it will bring you here to Facebook post actually not doing a post that’s fine so I’m gonna close this anyways but just letting you know you can just do a search in here you can you know type it in these are some free things Facebook cover you can click there or I can go here create a design these are all my designs so this is stuff I’ve worked on right just before the webinar let’s go back to create a design I’m gonna have a sip of my coffee here then we’re gonna rock print with canva No thank you not today we’re going to social media sounds about right you there’s a button here you can click gives you different social media options we’re gonna focus today on Facebook Cover those are the dimensions if you can see it right there underneath by 312 pixels and that’s one of the beauties of using canva now there we go speaking of that I want to let you know this was actually created with Photoshop okay long time ago it’s kind of a pain in the neck I’ve created something almost exactly the same for free much easier much faster in or with canva so canvas is a really a good thing okay so here we are you can see on the upper left it has Facebook cover and you’ve got all these templates and you can stick with the template background image and text you probably want to change that I’m going to show you how to do that now you’ve got different they’re kind of grouped into different themes like all the fall themes or all the birthday themes seem to have more solid colors Beauty themes even if it is a beauty theme I’m telling you you can use these for anything they’re they’re a little grouped loosely summer seems to have a little more some more pictures here you’ve got the autumn it’s so we’re going to pick one if I can find it that’s beautiful we’re gonna go down till we see that 4th of July thing keep going and you can just Independence Day we’re almost there this is one of them that I used that’s kind of an easy one maybe we’ll just start with that okay I’m gonna click here boom very easy now we have this image on the right eye let’s just say I don’t like it for whatever reason I’m gonna click on the image then I could click here to delete it but before I do that I just want to double click so you could see that image I can move it all around ok you can move that all around click done click the gray area to deselect changes it a little bit anyways click it again delete the image not the grid the grid is the thing with the cloud and that that’s the shape that it’s going to crop your image to don’t want to delete that so I’m just going to click in the gray area which is another way to say to deselect boom ok so now I’m going to add my own image there well I’ve got a couple of options I can add my own image or I can add one of their images so let me go with my own image for a minute click here and I’m gonna click there let’s just go here so I’ve uploaded these these images have already uploaded if I want to upload a new image right I’m just gonna go there now let’s just use this image and you can go here and that’s not what I wanted to show you what I want to show you is sometimes when you click it once it ends up like that and then people try to stretch it and that may be what works for you and that may be a good thing I don’t know we’re going to undo that this is what I want to show you and this is truly a $50 tip what you want to do is instead of clicking at once and getting that okay you want to click and drag it okay I don’t want it to fill that space but see how it will fill a space automatically I want to keep dragging it it will fill this space which is cool so that means it’s already cropped I’m gonna let go then so that’s just so cool now I’m gonna double click and now I can move this around okay not too exciting on this one but you can do that if you want to get a little bit more here or there now I’m going to deselect looks very nice I’m gonna put the other image in just to illustrate the difference so here’s another image that I’ve uploaded here once again I’m gonna delete that I’m gonna click and drag now double click and now now it really you can see the importance double click again I can go down there maybe that’s the effect I want maybe that click done that might be the effect I might want to move it up double-click move it up and then it will well gotta get down a little bit okay so there you go now you can instead of sunshine obviously just click in here and change that okay Florida vacations highlight that change the color let’s say there let’s see how it looks decent we’ll leave the bottom this is it different to element let me click here once again I can delete the element which is highlighted right here or the group the group is the element up the Florida vacations and the subheading that’s the group the subheading is an element and this is an element as well okay so there are two different things now when you have the group together when you resize things that resizes them at a as a group so it keeps the header and sub header proportional if like I said I’m gonna click in here if I wanted to delete just that element I could if I delete it let’s delete the whole group and you’ll see what I’m saying boom gone I didn’t want to do that so let’s go back here maybe I just want to delete that one element down here I could do that okay let’s undo that and let me type something in here and a click and drag and I’m gonna just type in have your best winter ever click there very nice if you want to duplicate it we can duplicate that here each image cover is called a page I’m going to duplicate that there and we could just click there you can obviously you can change that maybe make it a blue mmm maybe that blue would be better nope that’s too bright that’s what it was originally let’s say gray probably wouldn’t be too good no that’s not quite doing it let’s go back to the original and once again you have shapes and things here I can click the delete button on my keyboard or I can just go here to delete that go back to shapes a lot of the best shapes are to be paid for so let me click that so that’s a great shape you know for travel resize that thing put it in the center make it even smaller I could put it there I could put it in the center if I wanted to I could you know change it like that whatever I wanted to do the only problems see when it says remove watermarks I’m gonna double click on that or click on it once I can purchase it one time for a dollar now if I want to get access to everything for free all of the cool I’m gonna click all of the cool shapes all of the paid and the free then I sign up for a lemons Pro and that’s $13 a month so I if you go to save this it makes you try to pay it makes you pay for it so let’s get rid of that I’m just gonna hit the keyboard delete and let’s see if I can’t go back to the free shapes let’s go like there’s a free one move it over here click that down there boom okay and now we have Florida vacations have your best winter ever obviously if we switch out an image I want to show you also how to upload an image again okay click here upload an image we’re going to go with this one just double click or click once and then click open I’m gonna get rid of this image okay that’s still loading click on this image here delete click on the delete click and hold and delete image not the grid we’re gonna go over here click and drag so it pops in there double click okay so we want a little bit of that I’m gonna click done click the grey area deselect to get a better sense of what it might look like and instead of Florida vacations let’s just change that let’s be crazy and change it to when your vacation hit a hit return or enter there and maybe that will have your best summer ever and okay that’s it for that okay so there you go you’ve got two different images they are the proper with a 20 by 312 I believe now let’s download it click on the download you can do just an individual one I can just download that real briefly click done and click download I’m gonna switch it to JPEG jpg or jpg are the same thing they stand for joint photographic experts group so if you have a clearly have a photograph in your page or an image then I would strongly suggest using jpg and that’s what we’re going to do here once again I just want to download one click here download get your little quote it says Florida vacations let’s just put see a I’m gonna put a hyphen in there because I don’t like spaces in the names of my files save it to facebook covers show in folder open this and CA vacations right this is what we just created looks nice fine good enough now close that minimize that scroll down here I don’t want to try it for free for 30-days I’m using the free version that’s all I wanted you use I’m just going to continue editing okay the other thing I wanted to show you is you could save both of them together so instead of just selecting one you just click done so it’s gonna select all of them I wanna once again save as JPEG click download this time it’s going to download it as a zip folder so it’s a folder now with two files in it instead of just one see how it says dog zip there so I’m going to leave the whole thing the name I’m gonna save it as you know just good vacations I’m going to hit the enter it see it says sort save as type zip dot zip so I don’t need to put the dot zip in there I’m gonna click Save I’m gonna go back here show in folder double click now good vacations I’m gonna right click this is if you’re in a PC I have downloaded 7-zip just google it 7-zip downloaded it’s free it’s awesome I like to keep things simple and extract it to a folder with the same name so I never get confused so these are the two folders I want good vacations that are not zipped so open it up and bid there are both of the covers Facebook covers that we just created okay so I have some more stuff to teach you so please don’t leave right now I got some really important stuff I want to show you I’m definitely not done we’re not going to be doing just more of the same so close this scroll down I can continue editing and give me one second here to take a break excuse me take a sip of my coffee and then we’re going to create another Facebook cover and then we’ll be done okay so how do you start over you go back to home you know what let me go back to all my designs Florida vacations right we just worked on that I want to edit the other ones so I’m gonna click here so watch this let’s go back I’m gonna edit this edit so you can upload your own images right or okay I’m right there I’m going to delete that I also want you to know that there are tons of images and photos that you can use with canva and this is free so click on photos I’m this is recently used but I’ll show you how I found it just type in beach or beaches hit Enter or return and then I can choose any one of these maybe I’ll just do that keep it simple it’s free I’m mousing over it says free once again click and drag and then it automatically puts it crops it double click okay there’s not a lot of to move around but that’s okay deselect and there’s your new image or I can click here get rid of that image and we’ll go with the other one right here click and drag it automatically crops it double click and this only lets you move back and forth like that but that’s okay that gives some choices click done click deselect over here so you can see what it looks like and once again you would download now we’re gonna start on the new Facebook cover once again create a design we’re gonna skip print with canva we’re gonna go to facebook cover alright we’re gonna go down to the fourth of July one so much easier to start with an existing template it’s just a little this is the one we just modified keep going keep going happy 4th of July ok click here boom now once again you have this grouping right I can delete an element of the group or the whole group or just leave it now the good part of a group is obviously everything moves together if I click and drag it keeps everything proportional it keeps the subhead or proportional to the header click and drag that’s a good thing but if I want to have happy 4th of July all on one line I can’t do that right I just never puts everything on one line so that’s not quite the effect I’m looking for in any event I’m gonna click this image here I’m going to delete the image now if I click here see that’s still it’s just white on white so you can’t see it so let me go back here upload an image or go to uploaded images click here I’m gonna drag there you go double click alright double click and I’m gonna move it down a little bit because we want to have some room at the top kind of click done so instead of using this I want 4th of July I want to say you know Jupiter gyms marketing club but I can only can’t get that on one line so I’m gonna delete the whole dadgum thing delete the whole group I’m going to add my own text once again you can go with pre set things which can be cool let me just click that that would be a Merry Christmas right if you were there in the middle of winter but that’s not where we want it’s not what I’m trying to show you so we’ll go back here let’s just add a header and I’m gonna start typing Jupiter Jim’s marketing lib okay I’m gonna deselect cuz moving around I found better to deselect and then go back and then click on it and drag it that’s just my experience doesn’t look bad except I want to get this sub heading and maybe I can just put that over there also I think I want to change that yeah let’s go over the sub I just want to change the font and so this is how you would change the font hello let’s try that nope aileron heavy aileron heavy with that once again if I drag it over here and drag that over there looks not bad let’s see if I can change the font size to 32 it’s not bad either it’s a little dark we made we’re going to change that in a second I’m going to deselect I’m gonna go to add subheading I’m going to type in teaching on line team I’m going to use the ampersand and word press and like I said I’d seem to have better lock deselecting then clicking and moving and we could keep it underneath it and centered I could move it off to the right in any event I think I’m going to just select the whole thing just by triple clicking and let’s make that maybe 16 not bad at all not bad at all do you select I wonder even if I shifted that over if that would be okay that might still be cool maybe if I like align it to the little right it would be okay I’m gonna use my arrow key and just move that over well it’s the arrow key and that will move the text of course the colors don’t look that great so let’s just say let’s see what I effect I had I’m the other one I think that was here okay I used like a blue color we could try that now let’s go with before I do that I’m going to add a shape I’ll change it to blue first so you’ll appreciate what I’m going to do so let’s go with that blue there and we may just leave that as the black but what’s trochees okay now that’s a little hard to see right jupiter gyms marketing club is a little hard to see so what i’m gonna do is add a shape put it behind it change the transparency and we’ll be done so let’s go to elements go to shapes let’s go with that i’m going to kind of like that right drag it to the left i got up a little take this up a little bit right now position move it back backward and i’m gonna do it twice well I’ll show you why I’m going to do it twice if I do it once each line of text is a separate layer so I just went behind this one layer I need to go behind another layer so I need to select the shape again and go back one more and now they’re both there on gray it doesn’t look so great so click the shape change the color of the shape I’m gonna go with white looks better not perfect but better maybe I’m gonna do that full width now I’m gonna change the transparency of the shape well first of all I’m gonna do select so this is what it looks like not bad not bad at all but there’s something else we can do so let’s make sure we’re selecting the shape and not the text go to transparency we go to zero it’s like nothing’s there and you can have just a little bit of transparency right you can have more just to make the blue stand out now I want to maybe try to change that color there change the shape copy the page that’s this so there’s nothing below this so I’m gonna copy that and we may just play around just for a second I’m gonna click and drag triple click is what I’m gonna do go back here and we’ll try different I don’t know if any of these are actually gonna work they’re not I don’t think so you need a dark color that’s the other thing if you do pay you’ll have more options because I’ve tried these I don’t think many of these options work so well let’s try this one that’s not bad either so anyways let’s just we’ve got two things here let’s save them both click and hold download go with JPEG click download it will give you the zipped file I’m happy fourth of July once again I’m gonna save it to save trip ok save that go here go show in folder open that up trip unzip and Mac I believe they can unzip automatically people who use Mac’s know what I’m talking about extract to the folder called trip there it is double click on that double click on that there are the two things that we created for better or worse you obviously once you have the basics down you can create whatever the heck you want right and once again I just want to continue editing and once again I want to remind everybody but you can just go back to whatever you’ve created even with the free go back to all your designs so we’ve got Florida vacations it’s generating happy 4th of July this is what I created before the webinar to practice this was during the webinar and there’s an one this is here during the webinar as well and that’s it and that’s all if you need individual help with this or if you need help with anything any of the topics that I cover here I charge $100 an hour if you’re a member of my website I only charge $50 an hour so just something to think about other than that I am done I hope you found this helpful I hope you have a great day


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