How to Create a Mailing List and Optin form with Aweber (Part 1)

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In this webinar replay I show you how to use the Aweber autoresponder to build your email list.  I show you how to create your first email list and Optin form using .    This video tutorial walks you through the process of creating your first email list, creating your first Optin box (where visitors put their name and best email address) and embedding the code for that Optin Box onto a page of your WordPress blog or website.   I also explain why I prefer to use the double optin method for confirming email subscribers to my list.

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Here's the link to the Optin Page that we built during the webinar.  Feel free to click on this link and get on the email list to see the whole process in action.

Click here to get to Demonstration Optin Page


Please click on the graphic image below to try out Aweber for 30 days for FREE!!!! If you obtain Aweber by clicking on the link below, I will receive a small affiliate commission to help support this website and blog. Your support is greatly appreciated!


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diane February 19, 2017, 2:00 am

excellent info – thank you

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