How to Set Up Google Alerts!

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Why Use Google Alerts?

I’ve included a video tutorial ‘How to Set Up Google Alerts’ in this post to show you the technical aspects of setting up a Google Alerts and why you would want to use them.

Google Alerts can help you keep up to date with the latest information published on the Internet on topics which may only concern you personally or which may concern the marketing niche that you are trying to promote online.

For instance, you can use Google Alerts to let you know whenever there are new articles and blog posts related to “lower back pain”, “lower back pain cures”, “lower back pain natural cures”, “lower back pain exercises”, “lower back pain medication” and more.   You get the idea.   Now if you are suffering from lower back pain, then you definitely want to keep up on the latest cures, remedies and exercises.   However, you may also have a website that deals with curing lower back pain, or back pain in general.

If you have a website dealing with lower back pain, then you can use Google Alerts to keep up with the latest video tutorials, news articles, blog posts and more.   So how do Google Alerts help bloggers?  Well, you can check out some of the articles that have been emailed to you in the latest Google Alerts.   If the article in the blog post looks helpful, you can summarize (not copy, not plagiarize) that article and then link to that article.   Very easy.   If you are alerted to the latest videos on curing lower back pain, then maybe you can include that video in your latest blog post on treating lower back pain.

Google Alerts for Information about Yourself!

You can use Google Alerts to find out what others are writing or saying about you.  If someone is misrepresenting you or your business, you can go to that person online and do something about it, but only if you know about it, most likely, through Google Alerts.  If someone is promoting you, Google Alerts will let you know that, and you can contact that person to gain rapport and, perhaps, an online ally.

Use Google Alerts to Check on Your Competitors

You can use Google Alerts to find out what your competitors are doing so you don’t fall behind.   You may get some valuable ideas on future blog posts or products you can produce and promote.

Google Alerts Video Tutorial Shows You How

This Video Tutorials shows you How to Use Google Alerts for Online Marketing and more...

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Mark April 15, 2017, 5:41 pm

This was another awesome tutorial Jupiter Jim!

I definitely learned a couple of new, really cool and extremely practical uses for utilizing Google Alerts, which hadn’t previously thought of.

Thanks! Because I have already added some new alert to my list, plus modified few I was previously receiving alerts on.

jupiterjim April 15, 2017, 7:12 pm

Very glad you are utilizing this information. I appreciate people that watch the webinar live AND watch the replay. That’s called Mastery!!! Thanks for all the useful feedback for myself and others watching and reading!!!

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