How to Create Google XML Sitemaps in WordPress

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Why Create a Google XML Sitemap?

Google XML Sitemaps are extremely important for SEO, Search Engine Optimization of your WordPress website. Google XML Sitemaps make sure it’s easy for the Google bots to crawl and list all of your WordPress posts and pages. It will also allow you to tell it which posts and pages you do NOT want listed in Google Search Engine results. For instance, if you have a download page where you give away a free report or video to all subscribers of your website: In that instance, you do NOT want Google to list the page where your free lead magnet, or free PDF report is being downloaded. You only want people who’ve subscribed to your email list to access that free download page. Also, many people have practice pages in their WordPress website that they do not want Google to find and crawl and list in the SERP’s, the Search Engine Results Pages. Properly constructing a Google XML Sitemap for your WordPress website will allow you to do those things. You can tell Google what pages to find and crawl and list and what pages to ignore. This is extremely important in the highly competitive world of Search Engine Optimization.

Video Tutorial Creating Google XML Sitemap

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