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Follow Your Intuition to Avoid Disaster!

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When to Follow Your Intuition This is Weekly Wisdom Episode #10, I cover the importance of listening to your gut instinct and following your intuition when it comes to avoiding people, places and things that can cause you or your business harm.    Your intuition is a built-in warning system that is there to protect [...]

What is Your Major Definite Purpose?

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Your Major Definite Purpose

What About Your Major Definite Passion? Figuring out Your Major Definite Purpose in Life is Huge!    But sometimes it seems like answering that question is an extremely difficult task that could take years to figure out, right?   So  friend of mine, Nancy Dye, who is a Strategic Intervention Coach, suggested I ask people [...]

Why I Stopped Watching TV

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Why I stopped Watching TV

Weekly Wisdom for Online Entrepreneurs Episode #9 In this video I explain why I threw out my television about 3 years ago.   You’ll be happy to know that I became more positive and productive almost instantly by replacing the time I used to spend watching TV with other enjoyable productive activities like reading non-fiction [...]

The Only Reason People Fail Online

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Why People Fail at Online Marketing     There are so many ways that online marketers can get driven off course and down into the Valley of Distraction and Despair.    This video shows you clearly the only reason online marketers fail and what can be done to prevent that from happening to you.   [...]

Don’t Focus on the Wall

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This is Episode #7 of Weekly Wisdom for Online Entrepreneurs. The message is Don’t Focus on the Wall when you are on a racetrack. Focus on Where you Want to Go! Same thing in life. Focus on where you want to go. Focus on where you want to be headed.