How to Add Affiliate Links to WordPress Sidebar

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add affiliate links wordpress sidebar

First Install the Black Studio TinyMCE Widget In this WordPress Video Tutorial, I show you how to easily add affiliate links to WordPress sidebar widgets.  You can easily add affiliate links to graphic images and text in your sidebar widgets.   One of the key elements to the success of this operation is to download and [...]

How to Create a Gravatar (your online profile pic)

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How to Create a Gravatar

Gravatar – Globally Recognized Avatar The following video shows you how to create your Gravatar in WordPress so that when you leave a comment on a blog post, your Gravatar (essentially your profile pic) is displayed next to your comment. Here’s the link you’ll need to sign in and create your Gravatar now.

How to Update WordPress Plugins to Secure Your Site!

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How to Update WordPress Plugins

Easily Update Your WordPress Plugins This video tutorial shows you how to Easily Update your WordPress Plugins to help prevent your site from being hacked.   Hackers scour the internet for WordPress blogs and websites that are using outdated plugins because many times those outdated plugins have security vulnerabilities which make it easy to hack [...]

How to Update to WordPress 4.4.2 for Security and Maintenance

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Computer User in Trouble

Always Update to the Latest Version of WordPress Updates will fix any bugs that have been detected in WordPress. Updates will fix any security vulnerabilities in WordPress. Updates will probably add functionality to your WordPress installation. There are two security issues that have been addressed by this update.   Click for more information on the [...]

How to Change Font Family and Font Size in WordPress 4.4.1

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Change Font Family and Font Size with WP Edit

Easily Change Font Size and Font Family WP Edit by Josh Lobe is the master plugin that allows you to easily change font family and font size on WordPress posts and pages. Just watch the WordPress Video Tutorial below to see how easy it is! The WP Edit plugin actually works with WordPress 3.9 to WordPress 4.4.1 [or later versions of [...]